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About us

Hi, my name is Ahmad. I am a fashion enthusiast and a sneakerhead. I always wanted to try different sneakers with different styling. Because I am a student  i always thought which would be better with which one.

So by going through all of this now i have great sugestions for other people which they should try for which purpose.

Like some time there is more workload so it fed up you but at the same time if you are comfortable from under your feet you are all well. Just you have to wear proper shoes for comfort that’s it. It may be don’t you feel properly well but at least you are better than before.

In these situations i also wonder what i have to wear which would best for me. Many other people also asked so here i am to answer.

Due to that, I see I have some issues with some of the sneakers and some are great for me. Then I think why not I have to guide other peoples that are also struggling with these types of situations. That’s why I make to help others out. Regards!