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12 Best sprinting shoes with and without spikes

12 Best sprinting shoes with and without spikes

Looking for track or running shoes for sprinting then go for spikes and if you dont want spikes.Then don’t worry here are we with some best sprinting shoes without spikes and with spikes. If you want to see Nike’s tallest shoes for add an extra inch in your height click here.

What are sprinting shoes made for

Sprinting shoes without spikes are typically made for athletes who want to avoid injury while running. So these are sport shoes used by athletes who race on tracks.

Shoes without spikes are made for people who want to run on a track or in a gym. They are specifically designed not to give you the extra boost you would get from spikes.

They are typically made of a thin, hard material that helps the runner move quickly over a short distance. However, because sprinting shoes typically do not have spikes, they are not ideal for long-distance running.

While most sprinting shoes are not meant for long-distance running, there are some that are specifically designed for this purpose.

These shoes have spikes on the bottom that help them stick to the ground and provide better traction.

They also have a thicker sole to provide more support. If you plan to use your sprinting shoes for long-distance running, it is important to find a pair that is specifically designed for this purpose.

Otherwise, you may experience injury as you attempt to run longer distances in these shoes.

Types of sprinting shoes

The sprinting shoes comes in two types.

First ones are with spikes. The spikes are the shoe that provide grip for sprinting. These shoes are great for track. These spikes are under the shoe and also removeable so if you dont want the spike you can remove them. And if not here are the second one’s.

The second one’s are without spikes.These shoes are less grippy then one with spikes. But considerably goofd for short or medium distance spriting.

Here we compile the best list of the sprinting shoes with and without spikes that you will love.

(Sprinting shoes without spikes)

1.Nike Zoom Rival Waffle


Nike Zoom Rival Waffle

Nike’s Zoom Rival Waffle shoes are a hybrid of a trainer and running shoes. They come with a digital display on the side that lets you track your runs and calories burned. This is the best sprinting shoes without spikes that’s why it’s number 1 on our list.

The shoes have a cushioned foot bed, which makes them comfortable to wear. They also have an adjustable fit system, so they can be customized to your feet.

Another feature of the Zoom Rival Waffle is the rubber outsole. This makes the shoes durable and able to grip the ground when you’re running.


-With its unique tread design, it is perfect for both on- and off-road running.

-Additionally, the shoe is lightweight and provides ample cushioning for your feet.

-Finally, the Nike Zoom Rival Waffle has a comfortable fit that ensures you are able to run or walk for long periods of time without experiencing any discomfort.


-May be tear of early then expected if you don’t care.

2. Nike Air Zoom Winflo

Nike Air Zoom Winflo

Nike’s newest running shoe is the Air Zoom Winflo. Released in early 2019, this shoe is designed to provide a lightweight and responsive feel when running.

The upper of the shoe is made from a synthetic and mesh material that allows air to circulate freely.

This makes for a more comfortable and breathable experience while running. Additionally, the Nike Air Zoom Winflo has a rubber outsole that provides durability and traction.

This is a lightweight and breathable trainer that features a unique outsole.

The insole is designed to improve your comfort while you’re on your feet.

And also it is made of Nike’s proprietary Air Zoom foam, which is designed to provide a comfortable and supportive cushioning.


-Provide you a lightweight and flexible construction

-Has excellent cushioning and support, which allows runners to stay comfortable and efficient during long runs.

-A versatile shoe to run on both road and trials.

-Easy to get your foot in and out.


-Not as much cushioned as other Nike models are.

3. Adidas Adizero Boston

Adidas Adizero Boston

The shoe features a Flywire material that allows for an extreme level of stability and durability.

This shoe is also designed with breathability and a sock-like fit. This makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Adidas Adizero Boston 8 upper is also lightweight and has a cushioned footbed for maximum comfort.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and responsive running shoe, the Adidas Adizero Boston is perfect for you.

The 8 outsole gives you great cushioning and durability while the breathable mesh upper keeps your feet feeling cool and comfortable.

The Adidas Adizero Boston 8 insole is a revolutionary new insole that helps to improve your foot’s natural movement and performance.

The insole is made of a combination of materials that help to support and protect your feet while they are moving. This insole also improves the performance of your foot by providing better cushioning and shock absorption.


-Adidas Adizero Boston are designed for speed and power.

-These shoes are perfect for athletes who demand the highest level of performance.

-They have a lightweight design that makes them very easy to move around in.

-The shoes are also designed to provide support and stability during exercise.

-The Adidas Adizero Boston are perfect for runners, cyclists, and other athletes who demand the best performance possible.


-The shoes is not the most comfortable one.

-The strap of the shoe is tight may be sometime cause discomfort.

4. New Balance 1400 V6

New Balance 1400 V6

The 1400 V6 upper is designed with an energy-returning foam in the midsole, which helps to keep your feet stable and comfortable as you run or walk. Also check out New Balance two best running shoes comparison click here.

The v6 design also offers a more responsive feel when running, helping you to reach your maximum speed and distance faster.If you’re looking for a versatile, reliable shoe that will help you reach your fitness goals, this is one you are looking for.

The 1400 V6 outsole is made with a unique construction that combines memory foam and a rubber compound to provide fantastic cushioning and stability.

The outsole is perfect for runners who want a shoe that provides the perfect amount of cushioning and support. It’s also great for athletes who want a shoe that will last long and provide consistent performance.

The insole of the shoe is perfect for those who want a snug, comfortable fit. It features a premium foam construction that provides superior support and shock absorption. Plus, it is designed to promote healthy foot alignment, reducing the risk of injury.


– Breathable mesh upper that is perfect for cooling and moisture control.

– Lightweight and flexible construction that makes the shoe comfortable to wear.

– A rubber outsole that provides good traction and durability.

– An adjustable closure system that allows you to customize the fit of the shoe.


-The only downside is that its not availiable in wider widths.

5. ASICS Gel-Venture 7

12 Best sprinting shoes with and without spikes

The ASICS Gel-Venture 7 upper is a great option for runners looking for a supportive and comfortable shoe.

The shoe features a lightweight and Breathable mesh upper that is designed to keep your feet cool and dry. Additionally, the gel cushioning provides excellent shock absorption and support while running.

The outsole is designed to provide enhanced traction and stability on a variety of surfaces. It is made from a durable rubber compound that provides excellent grip and durability. It also features a micro-textured pattern that helps to enhance grip and stability when running or walking.

Insole of this shoe is a revolutionary new insole that uses a injection system to help reduce the pressure on your heel and midfoot. This insole is designed to help improve your running performance by reducing the forces that are applied to your foot and heel.

The insole is also waterproof, breathable, and lightweight, so you can enjoy the benefits of reduced heel pressure without sacrificing comfort or performance.


-Lightweight and flexible makes it comfortable to wear and provides stability when you are running.

-Has a cushioned foot bed that helps to provide comfort and support during your run.

-durable construction shoe which is designed to last long, providing you with years of service.

-It comes in several different colors and styles.


-It can be difficult to keep your shoes in good condition.

-The shoes can be heavy and difficult to carry around.

-The shoes may not work well with certain types of footwear.

6. Saucony Kilkenny XC8 (Specially for women)

Saucony Kilkenny XC8

It has a very futuristic and sleek design. This shoe is perfect for those who love to run on trails or roads. It is also great for commuters as it is lightweight and has a low profile.

This shoe comes in both men’s and women’s versions. The women’s version has a slightly different design than the men’s version. The men’s version has a more traditional style sneaker, while the women’s version has a more high-end look with an integrated strap system.

This runner shoe is versatile it can be worn as an everyday shoe or for more adventurous pursuits, like backpacking and mountaineering

The upper has been designed with three key features in mind breathability, comfort, and durability. The shoe is made from a lightweight synthetic material that’s moisture wicking and highly breathable.

This means that you’ll stay cool and comfortable even on hot days or during vigorous workouts.The Saucony Kilkenny XC8 upper also features a flexible construction that makes it perfect for pronation prone feet.

The outsole is designed for runners who want a stable and cushioned surface. It is composed of two layers of rubber that provide durability and cushioning. The XC8 outsole is also designed to resist wear and tear.

The insole of the shoe features a blend of cushioning and support to help you run longer and harder.


-Specially designed for women.

-Provides you stability and traction for running.

-Shock absorbable to protect your foot.

-Great for different surfaces.


-Not very breathable.

(Sprinting shoes with spikes) or Spikes

7. Nike Ja Fly

Nike Ja Fly

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of running shoes to help you train for your next race or just improve your fitness, look no further than the Nike Ja Fly. These sneakers have been designed with a unique rubber outsole that helps to reduce impact when you run.

Plus, their air-cushioned sole will provide you with the flexibility and support you need to keep up with your workouts. And if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will help you stay on your feet during long runs or sprints, the Nike Ja Fly are the perfect choice.


These shoes are designed to protect your feet while you are sprinting.

These have a lightweight construction that makes them easy to move around in. They also have a sturdy build that ensures they will last long.

The Nike Ja Fly Pros also have a flexible design that allows them to conform to your feet perfectly. This means that they will provide maximum protection from impacts while you are sprinting.

The shoes come with a durable rubber outsole that is designed to provide long-lasting traction. This means that you will be able to keep up with your competitors easily when you are sprinting.


The shoe is quite heavey compared to other.

Breathability of the shoes is not good.

8. Adidas sprintstar

The shoe is built for speed and is perfect for athletes who want to improve their speed and explosiveness. The upper is made out of a lightweight and breathable mesh material that allows air to flow freely, keeping your feet cool during intense workouts.

It features a seamless construction that offers maximum flexibility and durability. This insole is designed to provide moderate support and protection for your feet.

It also features a flexible material that conforms to the shape of your foot, which helps to increase circulation and reduce inflammation. The spikes of the shoes is almost 1/4 inches.

The outsole is made of a durable rubber compound that provides excellent grip and support while running. Additionally, the soft tread design ensures smooth transitions when running on various surfaces.


-Lightwieght feel around your feet.

-True to size dont worry.

-A lockdown fit to grip your feet.


-Not the most breathable.

-For shorter distance sprints.

9. Nike superfly r4

Nike superfly r4

If you’re looking for a high performance shoe, you can’t go wrong with the Nike Superfly R4. This shoe was designed to give runners an edge in competition.

The Nike Superfly R4 features a Zoom Air unit that allows your foot to move more freely while running. This will allow you to run faster and farther with less fatigue.

The outsole also has a flex groove that provides exceptional flexibility and shock absorption. This makes the Nike Superfly R4 perfect for versatile use across different surfaces, including hardwood courts, cement tracks, and even turf fields.

It provides good cushioning and support while also providing excellent breathability. This insole is also designed to improve your foot’s shape and feel.


-Designed with a Flywire material that provides superior stability and flexibility

-Comes with a Torsion System that provides superior support and flexibility.

-The Nike Free release system makes it easy to take the shoe off and put it back on.


-Comes in limited color combos.

10. Nike zoom x dragonfly

Nike zoom x dragonfly

The Nike Zoom X Dragonfly Upper is a must-have for any runner or cyclist looking to improve their performance.If you want to see the comparison between the Nike’s two most famous spikes Nike dragonfly and victory click here.

The shoe’s design is based on the latest in biomechanical engineering and features a neoprene and synthetic leather upper that is split into three zones: the toe box, heel, and midfoot.Additionally, the shoe’s lightweight construction makes it a versatile choice for any activity.

The Nike Zoom X Dragonfly Outsole is designed to provide enhanced traction and stability as you move around the court.With its mesh construction and breathable fabric, the insole provides plenty of cushioning and support while keeping your feet cool and dry.


-Comes in a unique design.

-A pebax plate that makes it more durable.

-An air-cushion sole for better experience.

-Also has an upper that allows the shoe to be sturdy and durable.


-A bit expensive

11. Nike zoom 400

Nike zoom 400

Nike zoom 400 upper is a type of sneaker that was created specifically for runners. It has a lightweight design that makes it perfect for running long distances.

The shoe also has a unique construction that allows your foot to move smoothly and effortlessly while you’re running.

This sneaker features a lightweight air-cushioned sole that provides cushioning and support. The Nike Zoom 400 insole also provides superior comfort, which is perfect for long days on your feet.

The outsole is made from a combination of rubber and plastic materials that provide good shock absorption and durability. The outsole also features a flexible and durable construction that helps to give you good traction on various types of surfaces.


-Provide a great fit and feel while providing excellent performance.

-For runners who want a little more cushioning and support.


-They’re hard to walk in for long periods of time.

-Not the durable ones.

12. Puma evospeed star v4

Puma evospeed star v4 

The Evospeed star v4 is one the affordable shoe with spikes. The shoe is great choice for a high school student whoc wants a shoe for 100m run. The shoe upper is mesh which provide you comfortable fit and also don’t worry about sweat in foot.

The outsole is rubber that gives the shoe better traction due to which it is the most suitable spike for teen’s. Because of its price and features it is the one you should buy.

If you want to just try a good spike how feel you should try this. But obviously we mentioned up in our list other great spikes that you should try if you want a real spike like Nike superfly r4.


-A comfortable and affordable spike

-Best as a kid track shoe.

-Rubber outsole for better traction.


-Maybe not true to size sometime.


So here we are listed 12 best shoes for sprinting without spikes and with spikes. We specifically mention all the best ones we know. Now choose the most suitable one for you and enjoy them.