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How to style nike blazers check out

How to style nike blazers

Nike Blazers are one of the most popular styles of clothing on the market. So it’s no surprise that there are a lot of ways to style them. In this article, we’ll show you different ways of how to style Nike Blazers for women and men. So you can find the look that works best for you.

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What is Nike Blazers style?

The Nike blazers are named after NBA team Portland trial blazer.Basically Nike Blazers are made for skateboarding.

The company advertise it as a skateboarding shoes but these shoes are great in other situations like in casual dressing or on work etc.

Don’t restrict these shoes as they are only for skateboarding or other activities like this. You can make your own fasion style.How? Lets take a look.

How to Wear a Nike Blazer

How to style nike blazers

The Nike Blazer can be worn with a variety of different styles, from wear with plain jeans and a t-shirt in the everyday to wearing them with dress trousers/pants or blazers for office. The shoe also looks great when going out.

Nike Blazers style is pretty simple. Blazers are an athletic shoe that are meant to be stylish and versatile. Blazers can be worn with just about anything, making them a great option for any outfit.

When styling a Nike Blazers, you should try to keep the look clean and sleek. You can go for a more classic look by wearing them with dress trousers/pants or skirts, or you could opt for a more modern look by pairing them with a brightly colored t-shirt and ripped jeans.

Whatever style you choose, make sure to keep your accessories simple and coordinated. Basic pieces like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets will work well with Nike Blazers.

Style a Nike blazer for work

For you work purposes Nike Blazer may be a good choice but first off all you have to be sure that your boss or manager have no complaints with this.

If there is a formal dressing code at your work place then you should save them for after. If there is no problem in wearing them. Then you can wear these with ripped jeans or in winter you can combine you Nike blazers with Camel or skin colour overcaot aside with white t-shirt and black trousers.

Style a Nike blazer for a casual event

Pair these sneakers with different jean colors. Because it is a retro sneaker so pair it with a retro upper like denim jacket to make up for a casual event.

You can wear these with grey black jeans with white top t-shirt or a black t-shirt. Or you can pair it, with a red jacket which have white strips so boyh shoes and jacket compliment each other.

Another way to pair these is with a blue jeans and grassy green t-shirt with black denim jacket. A tip for those who wonder these are just few combinations.

I suggest don’t hesitate think by yourself and try different colours and put them together before wearing so you know which combo will be best for you.

Style a Nike blazer with jeans

How to style nike blazers

Blue jeans: With blue jeans you can wear  hoodie and under hoodie a white t-shit this can provide you a more casual look. With classy look of shoes.

Black jeans: With black jeans you can make layering. Obviously you can make layring  with any colour but i give you just an idea. Like  a white t-shirt on top of that a cheque pattern red or blue or green or grey shirt.

White jeans: White jeans make a good combo with blue and pink cheque shirt wear a black, white or a pink cap that will compliment you.

You can try these pairs on an evening out. It will definately provide some plus in your personality.

How to style a Nike blazer with shorts

Grey shorts: Nike Blazer can look perfect with grey shorts and peach colored t-shirt. You can add a brown on it with brown leather watch alongside with a white cap.

Green shorts: Pair the shoes with  green shorts combine with a tea pink t-shirt or asky blue t-shirt. For more add ons you can wear black watch with a black cap.

White shorts: White shorts are perfect for those who want to match their shorts with maximum colour. Pair these shorts with shocking yellow t-shirt for more wear a brown cap and brown watch. And don’t forget your Nike blazers.

Black shorts: Pair the black shorts is also an other option which gives you alot of different styling opportunities. You can wear these with white Nike blazers along side with grey or white t-shirt.

Blue shorts: Blue shorts provide you a wonderful color combo with Nike blazers. You have to try these with tea pink, light green or shocking yellow t-shirts. And also wear a black cap.

Style a Nike blazer for a hot day

On a hot day you should style your Nike blazer mid 77 with shorts as we mention above the different color combinations. Not only shorts you have to consider lightweight material cloths.

One other thing you should have to check that are you wear brighter colours like white, pink, yellow, sky blue or light grey etc. Dont wear dark colours like black, purple or orange. This will help you to keep away from sunlight absorbing. which will make your day wonderful.