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What does GS mean in shoes check out

what does gs mean in shoes

When you are shopping for shoes, what do you look for on the label? The size of course! But what about the other letters and symbols on the label? Like many prople don’t know what does GS mean in shoes.

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What does GS stand for

The word (GS) stand for grade school. The GS are the size of the shoe that are little smaller then your usual one’s. Why? Because these are perfect for the youngsters range from 6 to 18 years old. You can say that GS are for those who want a smaller size of the shoe which they want. Or perfect for women due to smaller and narrower then usual size. 

What does gs mean in jordan shoes

The GS mean in jordan shoes mean that those Jordan’s are made for grade school. And that GS were made for youngsters range in 6 to 18 years old. You have a child or you are a youngster who wants a Jordan but your shoe is bigger then your foot then you should look for the same shoes printed with GS on it.

What does gs mean in Nike shoes

Like we said earlier that GS are for youngsters fall in special range of age. The shoes printed with GS, on the shoes may be the model of your favourite shoes that specifically made for these youngsters that fall in that age range.

Is GS for girls

Like we said earlier its only mean grade school not for girls. Although girls can wear these GS because these are shorter in size then usual size of shoe. Which make GS a great choice for girls.

What does gs mean on stockx

If you visit stock stockx site and you are looking for a shoe. And you will see a listed shoe with GS on it means that the shoe is specifically for youngsters or shoe can be a great choice for women who wants or prefer a smaller shoe size then usual.

GS (Grade school) size chart

3.5Y 3 3.5
4Y 3.5 36
4.5Y 4 36.5
5Y 4.5 37.5
5.5Y 5 38
6Y 5.5 38.5
6.5Y 6 39
7Y 6.5 40

Many people searching for what does 6y gs mean in shoes? So its just a size number not particullarly speacial.You can check the size on size chart mention above.