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What does TD mean in shoes let’s find

what does td mean in shoes

You might probably see the TD on the shoes when you go shopping shoes. Many people don’t know about this and wondering what does TD mean in shoes. To anwsering this here we are.

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what does td in shoes mean

(TD) in shoes mean for Toddlers. The Kids between the age of 1 to 3 years are considered in toddlers. And the shoes print TD on them are for specially designed in the size of Toddlers.

what does td mean in jordan shoes

The TD in jordan means that those jordans are specifically made for kids of toddlers age. These shoes fit to kids of range in 1 to 3 year.

If you are wondering what’s the size chart of TD, here it is

TD (Toddlers) size chart

2C 1.5 17
3C 2.5 18.5
4C 3.5 19.5
5C 4.5 21
6C 5.5 22
7C 6.5 23.5
8C 7.5 25
9C 8.5 26
10C 9.5 27